Where to buy comics in Doha (Updated)

It’s been a common problem with comic enthusiast here in Qatar on where to get resources for our hobbies, so here at IACQ, we like to make things easier for the geek community here in Qatar so we went around asking, visiting shop by shop, malls by malls, stores by stores to search where can you find comics in Qatar.

Unfortunately, manga is still a foreign object here so I suggest visiting Hangul-Nihonggo Center or Qatar National Library to read their mangas for free since I believe there is still not much manga available in our stores here. Hobby Chan closed their stores so we don’t have much resources on where to get these items in the city, however, their website is still open for online shopping. Check it here.

For those who are not familiar with the term manga: Manga = Japanese Comics. There’s also “manhua” for Chinese Comics and “manwha” for Korean Comics. I’d recommend downloading the app: Mangarock for free online reading of these type of comics.


Tribe Studio

I know I told you that we don’t have that much stores here that sells manga, but there is an online store here in Qatar that sells and delivers manga straight to you! Visit Tribe Studio since they sell a whole lot of popular mangas in their shelves!


Doha Comics (The Pearl)

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Probably the most common place on where to get your comics and daily geek merchandise.  It will also be the first shop that will come to mind when you think about where to buy your first comic here in Doha.

It’s too far from where I live so I’ll just grab a photo of their items in their page. I’m very sure they sell comics and I don’t think I am not even slightly wrong in this assumption.


Geeknation (Doha Festival City)

If you happen to go to Doha Festival City with your friends or family during the weekends, you might want to check out the comics corner of geeknation. They have variety of comics from Marvel to DC. I got my Spiderman comics from their shop.

During May 4th and 5th, they give away free comics for Free Comic Book Day so you should definitely follow their social media for more treats!


Virgin Mega Store (Villagio Mall)

If The Pearl or DFC is too far from you, you can try visiting Virgin Mega Store in Villagio. It’s near and accessible for all. I checked the Virgin Mega Store branch in DFC, and unfortunately, they don’t have any comics so this is your best bet if you want to buy your comics somewhere near.

Villagio branch have decent collections in their shelves so you can check them out.


Geekay Games (Mall of Qatar)

Geekay Games Store also have a decent collection of comics in their shelves. Make sure to take a look if it’s what you were looking for!


Virgin Mega Store (Mall of Qatar)

It’s a bit hidden but the second floor of Virgin Mega Store in Mall of Qatar has a small portion of manga collection in their shelves!


Special Mentions:

Jarir Bookstore (Salwa Rd)

There’s not much to offer in Jarir Bookstores in terms of comics but they do have these hardbound books that has comics inside. They have some how to draw manga and children comics in their shelves but that’s about it.

So there you have it! Do you know any more places in Qatar where we can buy manga that we did not include in the list? Let us know so everyone can check it out later!


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