Weird Game Review: Uma no Prince-sama

UMAPRI is testing how far I can go in my Otome Gaming fandom.

This will be a series of my reactions in the game. I don’t think I can give a proper review since all I did was cringe while playing ( ՞ਊ՞)

I think the heroine is the only one drawn normally here.  أ‿أ

I have to compliment the animation.

Sparkling neigh neigh

I don’t think she hates it. She doesn’t even had the heart to freak out LMAO

Kira kira ╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚

That’s not ಠ_ಠ

Why do you eat that way? Feed him, heroine make him human.(;′Д`)ノ

He looks handsome, I don’t think I’ll want to hook up with him though no-uh ◪_◪

Well, this reminds me of the some alpaca level up game pewdiepie played before, that was weird too. I think Zombie Boyfriend, Cutie Devil and Kabedon by Catapps looked normal in comparison nao.

I think Japan has cross the boundary of innovation. This is too much 😂😂😂

I have few concerns ಠ益ಠ

Wth it exploded 😂

Yeah Love Power ƪ(♥ﻬ♥)ʃ

I can’t even think that he’s a myth creature. I mean it’s just the head 😂😂

How do you even– ;´༎ຶਊ ༎ຶ`;

If you got it wrong in the Q&A, and got his affection in zero, he’ll be like this. It will be also hard for you to level up so be careful. I kinds feel sorry now for this guy. (;・∀・)

Do you feel butterflies in your stomach getting kabedoned by a neigh neigh?

I don’t even know what to feel. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

I can’t say I hate it but I don’t love it either. It’s just to weird but I kept playing it. 😂

If there is someone out there who dreams to date a handsome horse, literally, this game is for you. I wonder if there are some sort of fantasies, I didn’t even imagined it. I thought I was weird enough, this game proves me wrong 😂

I have few questions with myself because of this game.

But really now, are there girls who actually fantasize this sort of romance with a horse? (╯⊙ ⊱ ⊙╰ )


UPDATE: This game has an English Version but I still dig on my Japanese neigh neigh so if you are curious about this game, download it and I’ll let you be the judge!

Download Link: My Horse Prince on Google Play

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