Visual Novel Review: Hustle Cat

In this review, I’ll be using some screenshots in the gallery since I’m too lazy to screencap them while I was playing. 

To start things first, I should say the game was pretty laggy. I almost raged quit. I even have to restart my PC since the skip button won’t work and I’m running out of patience and it’s a paid game too. So I am expecting something for something I paid for.

Plot-wise, the story is pretty neat though with all this rantings I just mentioned above. The characters grew on me. I can’t make a character by character review since it will be spoiling the fun but this game reminds me a lot of story format of: Natsuzora no Monologue of Otomate, My Magical Cosplay Cafe and Cafe 0: Drowned Mermaid by roseVerte. It is a type wherein the protagonist is forced to go back in time to interact with every key characters of the story to create a resolution in the end since the main cause of the time leaping scenario will appear. It’s not a new concept anyway but Hustle Cafe gives an a different air around it.

(A little spoiler in this paragraph, I’m sorry. You can guess what’s next)

The protagonist of this game is named “Avery”, I find Avery a very girly name so I am convinced that she is a she from the start. No Fujoshi can ever change my mind with this. It’s a good thing that you can actually change her gender if you want to and her skin color. It is one of the factors I liked in this game since it is not discriminatory, it let’s you enjoy the game in your own way (appearance). But for me, Avery’s a female. I can’t convince myself otherwise. But I did change her gender when I was pursuing the two female characters. I think Avery’s cute when he’s male, very shota-ish. And she blends well with every character. I can say it’s a good job creating the chemistry thingy between the characters.

It’s just me or Avery reminds me of Tachibana Hotaru from Aoharu X Kikanjuu when she has this longer hair, and Aoba of Dramatical Murder when (s)he has the short hair? Do you? Do you not?

This is kinda short for a review but I really enjoyed it a lot! My favorite would be Hayes. I don’t know when but I thought he’s kinda moe. I thought Landry was the main route since he appeared first so I kinda convinced myself that he is Avery’s soulmate from start to end haha. I think everyone would agree that Graves has the best route. After playing the game, I realize he reminds me of Levi from SNK. I don’t know I feel a lot of nostalgia in this game.

For someone who loves animals like me, seeing cats around is a plus. Though the plot is nothing new, it is still good for an indie game, and I still loved the story despite having some technical difficulties beforehand.

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