Manga Review: Qishi Huanxiang Ye

Do you like video games? Mobile games. PC games. Name it. Do you often imagine what it feels like if you were inside the game that you really like? Like how does it feels like to be the hero/heroine of this game?

In my opinion, most people do not understand why many of us play games at this age since most gamers have a very unhealthy gaming lifestyle. Which is not right. Gaming, on the other hand, improves hand-eye coordination, especially games that require a lot of timing and precisions like FPS, ARPGs, side-scrollers.  Also, games improve the mood of a person, if you are bored or feeling down, you can play games to brighten up your day. There are a lot of benefits in playing games.


Qishi Huanxiang Ye (Knight Fantastic Night) is a Chinese comic, also called “manhwa”, by Vivibear. The main character, Lin, who is just a norm high school student received a CD containing a video game as she transferred school. Curious Lin, decided to play the game and was sent to the world of King Arthur; wherein she met a mysterious wizard. This mysterious wizard, occasionally shows up to Lin when she is in need and tells her that her mission is to find and gather the Knights of the Round table. Our heroine, already set for her adventure even though she’s still confused about what’s going on, met Prince Arthur, whom she had cat-dog relationship with at first. Later on, Lin discovered that she can go back to her own world by just eating eggs. The time from video game and her world differ, in the video game if she spends 1 month, the equivalent of it in the real world were an hour. As the game progressed, Lin fell in love with Arthur as they proceed on their journey to gather the Knights as well as the Holy Grail.

Honestly, I am not familiar with King Arthur’s tale, but this manhwa gave me insights about King Arthur’s story (just a little bit though). The plot and the art were so great! I have a crush on King Arthur, his blonde hair and purple eyes, I am melting by just thinking about him. He’s kind of tsundere (person with a hot-cold attitude) as well, at least for me. This is a great story, you can’t compare this series with Sword Art Online nor Log Horizon or any other series that includes characters who were locked inside the game.

In general, I’ll give this manga 8/10! I like the ending as well, but it feels like it is missing something. But all in all the plot twists, the art, everything is good. I highly recommend this for those who haven’t tried Manhwa, and also this manhwa is in full color, all pages! So if I were you and you like to read shoujo manga, you should add this in your reading list! This manhwa is already completed so you can enjoy reading it!

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