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“There was a beautiful island surrounded by the azure ocean and various creatures lived happily in that fecund place. However, because of scrambling for power and profit by human being, the land was eventually doomed to destruction.

A girl playing Shamisen named Sakura showed up, separated from her homeland by the disaster. She has drifted alone in the sea until she met the Genies of Bottle. Every time when she plays the music well, the Genie would be able to collect the music energy and use it to lead her back home.”



Noah’s Bottle is one of the hundreds of rhythm games that you can play in your mobile device. However, what sets this game apart from most of the games is that this game offers the chance to use any kind music that you have in your device and import it in the game. Also, you can compose your own music by creating your own music script.



The game has 2 main parts: The Rhythm mode where you can choose 40 piano pieces that were live recorded, and the Story Mode (or Chapter I) where you can follow the story of Sakura as she tries her best to get back to her homeland.


For every cleared song there is a an equivalent kilometer that will move the bottle closer to the main goal. Also, you’ll encounter other bottle genies and their inhabitants and you’ve got to play another music pattern style. The first default music pattern style is the Sakura bottle where the main character is staying. Since her name’s Sakura, her drop down button is a Sakura (cherry blossoms) pattern.


The game lets you import up to 10 songs at the start of the game. The audio format that the game can detect .mp3 or waw with more than 45 seconds for songs.  There are instances that the game cannot detect a certain song due to the file name (e.g.: #U306a#U3067.mp3) or locked/protected. If that happened, you must fix the name or check the properties of the said file. For iOS devices, you must sync your music from PC with iTunes, or buy the music from iTunes directly. 


If you import 10 or more songs, the Genie Event will activate. To play, just simply click on the bottle genies and it will randomly give you songs and goal to accomplish.  If you wish to had more slots, you can purchase a song bottle from the store. However, if you don’t want to spend real cash for slots, don’t fret. This game is pretty generous and as a special present to you for the grand opening of this website, I’ll share some of the tips on how to earn those precious yellow jewels and extra song bottles that you can found in the comments.


Additional Tips: 

Since Noah’s bottle is a game that lets you play your own song, most of the buttons aren’t synchronized with the song itself. The creators showed a tutorial on how to synchronize it. Also, the game lets you create or modify the patterns for easy play.



So there you have it. I really recommend this game and let’s help the creator knew that we love the game by downloading it on Google play or iTunes. Don’t forget to rate the game 5 stars too!

Happy playing everyone!

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1 thought on “Noah’s Bottle – A Mobile Game Review

    Shoujo Chan

    (April 10, 2018 - 7:29 pm)

    As promised in the post above, here are the 6 ways to earn/gather yellow jewels/song space in this game:

    – Score a Rank A or Rank S for every song
    – Continue playing and pass through the gray stones for a surprise freebie
    – Watch out for flying stones/jewels/song space in the whole place.
    – Complete the challenges for every bottle. (click the bird logo)
    – After playing a song, look out for a flying yellow ball in the score summary. Click it and watch ads for free jewels.
    – Click your surroundings. There are lots of hidden jewels and song space bottle in the background (which I accidentally discovered while looking for flying jewels)

    Enjoy playing the game! 😀

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