IACQ Dead Pool 2 Reaction Corner

There might be spoilers as follows but we will try to keep it in minimum.

Our review is kind of late. Whew. We really had a busy week! But anyhows, here is our review for one of the most awaited movie to be shown here in Qatar. Because really, we did wait because we need to finish the Ramadan celebration before we can actually enjoy this film.

Thank you so much to Novo Cinemas – Qatar for the invitation for the premieres! It was such great enjoyment to watch the movie in your humble theaters!

Dead Pool 2 is an R-rated film for sure because there are a lot of mature content and jokes in the movie itself, well, that does not escape the country’s strict censorship. Nevertheless,  it was an enjoyable movie overall.

The movie started with Wade killing a bunch of illegal groups around the world. You could say it was a little too violent for kids to watch but funny at the same time. For sure, we fans know that Dead Pool is somewhat immortal and has rapid regenerative abilities so he won’t get killed very easily. He even tried to kill himself when his loveone died, but of course that’s impossible.

It was a series of jokes here and there, which jumble up all your emotions if you should be taking the movie seriously, or if you should just take it as a joke. It was really entertaining.

It kind of annoyed me when they are dealing with the kid because he’s a bit hard to convince, also as far I was concerned he’s a kid so he can be as stubborn as a kid. But still Dead Pool is surprisingly stubborn himself not to let the kid die knowing the kid could be a murderer in the future. Seriously, Dead Pool is probably one of the most wholesome characters in Marvel, he even comforted a suicidal person in the comics which is a plus in my book.

Honestly, the movie is really enjoyable. I mean the whole premise itself. My favorite character would be Yukio. She’s so cute!!! I would react the same way as Wade if I see her haha. I’m looking forward to seeing her in the next movie installment. I learned that she as a side character but she does give a fluffy feeling to the movie every time she appears. Also, the fact that the movie introduced a lesbian couple, makes it more open that other superhero movies.

I think I also like Domino and her really good luck. Can’t say for the rest of the X-Force though, I feel really bad for them but hey, Peter tried. The cut scenes are also funny. It was so Dead Pool. It is indeed the most entertaining superhero movie of the year.

I know I’m asking for too much, but will it be possible to have Dead Pool in MCU just to see their reactions as he goofs around? Well, hopefully they can maintain it R-rated though because Dead Pool is best as Dead Pool.

We honestly enjoyed Dead Pool 2 a lot! How about you? Have you tried watching the movie yourself? Did you enjoy it as well? Let us know in the comment section!


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