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As a writer, I am not really good with comprehensive reviews so let’s just go with a reaction instead. However, I’ll try to make this article spoiler free as possible. Nonetheless, read at your own risk.

April 26th, finally when Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War came to Doha for showing. Though we only got to watch it during the weekends because of course, we have priorities and responsibilities as good adults.

Ahem. To get started, I as a fan of Marvel, got so hyped for this movie and to be honest was so happy when I finally bought my tickets, wore my 3d glasses and sit in the red chair for the movie.

I don’t have super high expectations with the movie itself, (I seriously just want to have a good time watching to unwind myself for the busy week I had), though since I’ve seen the comics, I was bracing myself for the worst possible scenario so I thought I was ready for any heartbreak that the movie will throw at me but I think it still left me a bit frustrated as the movie finished.

First five minutes of the movie, was so shocking, I almost shout “NO!” in the theaters because that was so unexpected for the first blood. I mean it’s only the first scene and everything was so intense. I was somehow speechless but hopeful at the same time.

Since the movie started negatively in the main characters’ part, I knew that things won’t go that well. They are also obviously out-powered.

I was actually expecting something more since I believed in Dr. Strange’s powers but at the same time, I’m not. Especially when he said that out of 4 million outcomes, they can only win 1 time. And that 1 time, we don’t even have an idea how since they cut the movie in the most crucial part where half of the universe turns to dust.

What I noticed in the whole movie while watching is how humanized all these characters are, from trying to manipulate and lie just to try and reverse the situation, or giving up something really really important for a love one or messing up the plan because of the rage out of grief. It’s like the movie is trying to say that these characters have feelings too, they feel deep emotions like a normal human, they can get angry, feel sympathy or cry depending on the situation. They can commit mistakes too and not because they have superpowers does not mean they are not capable of holding such emotions that leads them to these mistakes which I, as a person, can deeply empathize. I can empathize on it very well that it hurts.

One thing also that I noticed is that though the situation is dire, the movie can still pull off a lot of jokes. My personal favorite joker in the film would be Drax from Guardian of the Galaxy. This guy keeps me cracking every time. I love how he makes things awkward for the gang.

Also, probably, one of the highlights of the film is Thor from the beginning until the end. He’s the MVP of Avengers Infinity War. And I love how he works well with Rocket and Groot like side kicks (characters who also hold a special place in my heart as I watch the whole film).

Putting that aside, jokes were great, but it feels like that they were throwing jokes here and there to the audience because there will be a lot of heartbreaks to follow after. Like we laugh then we cry, then we laugh again then we cry again and this continues until the end of the film and you feel nothing but frustration and bitterness.

SPOILER: I feel extremely devastated as I watch the characters turn into dust, especially when it was Peter fading because he’s the only one who reacted that he does not want to disappear. And I was so rest assured he’ll be fine since in the comics (according to my good buddy) he was alive and well. Guess, I have one more thing to complain, Marvel… just kidding.

Was such a delight as I saw one more Marvel character appeared in the after credit scene and he contacted another character before he disappears as well. I thought it was X-Men to be honest, because I was not familiar with the logo that appeared but after some time I realized it wasn’t but another character that I am now so looking forward to see in the next movie of Marvel.

Well, actually, I thought they will be fighting Thanos on Earth most of the movie because in the trailer it was implied “He is coming to us” but it was in another planet outside Earth.

Also, Thanos is a bit cheesy in the comics, like he can actually spit those things before wiping out of the universe. Guess he can freely work on his skills to pick up girls now that he has time before the next Avengers Movie.

A bit unrelated to the movie but some reaction as movie goer myself is that since this movie is so hyped, everyone is so dying to see and watch it. I do know the theaters will be packed. What I did not expect is for them to be so noisy asking what is happening and who are these characters. The bandwagon is real and you can feel it as you watch with other people inside the theaters. I believe there is not harm in curiosity but it did harm us fans in a different way.

Overall, I can’t say I am satisfied with the movie. For some reason some scenes could have been executed better, or there should’ve been a better scenario for this circumstance yet Marvel chose a different disappointing turn. I can’t say it was bad, but I am not convinced. Some scenes left me feel like meh, especially when my favorite characters were meeting face-to-face. Most of the time, one will feel excited when that happens, but for some reason, I did not feel like that in this film. Nevertheless, all of these did not kill my love for Marvel and the characters.

I still have a lot of questions hanging to be honest, I think it goes for the rest of us who watched the film, however, all we can do is wait. We can’t really rely on the comics story line since they changed it but I think that what makes it better, at least we will be anticipating something. Though to be honest, I can’t really recommend the comics, since personally, I did not like the story in the comics but I loved the movies. With that said, I only read one volume so I’m not sure if that opinion counts anyway.

Anyway, that’s just me, myself and I. How about your sentiments about the whole film? Care to share it to us in the comment section? Feel free to do so!

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