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Ever heard of the word “Kabedon?” Have you tried or experience Kabedon in your life? Or have you dreamed of experiencing it even once in your life?


To those who are wondering, Kabedon is one of the most common scenario in Manga and Anime wherein a guy corners a girl against the wall and pins his hands on the wall, cornering her. Pretty cliche right? Recently, Kabedon had evolved in different forms and this game will show you lots of different styles of Kabedon.




Kabedon ~Never wanna let you go~ introduces Don, the MC of the game. Don is on a journey to make his not-yet-girlfriend happy. One time, he overheard her saying that she wants to experience Kabedon. He then started practicing in order to give her the best Kabedon in her lifetime. 


In order to play the game, you need to tap the moving girl and it will show a Kabedon move. You need to continue clicking the girl to collect enough heart points to fill the gauge and proceed to the next stage. If you’re having a hard time collecting heart points, you can click the Mail button in the bottom to enter Bonus stage. In the bonus stage, you’ll be given less than a minute to click all the posters and do the Kabedon moves to earn extra points.




If you’re thinking that this game is pretty boring since you knew the basic Kabedon, scratch that fact. I promise, this game is freaking hilarious. I never imagined all those Kabedon moves and as you progressed through every stages you might say “What The Hell is this” while playing.



The game had 3 endings: Bad, Normal and Good Ending. After you finished the three endings, the game will show the True Ending. You need to repeat the clicking game in order to choose the other options but don’t fret. Once you started the game again, the experience points doubled (and doubled again once the heart gauge turns into gold).



So there you have it! This game is pretty short and good for those who wants to kill some time by playing random games. This is also a good game to play when you need some help to laugh and forget some disappointments in life.

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