Game Review: Autumn’s Journey

I found this game while I was looking for new indie vn to play. The art seems nice and it’s free. I don’t have my card right now so I can’t donate, I’ll do that later(ꉺᗜꉺ)


I thought the guy in blue hair was female and was an acquaintance of the main girl but I guess I was wrong (*´∀`)


It was such a delight when I hear the characters partially voiced, the sprites and the chibi CG’s are animated. I feel really amused looking at them while playing. The graphics in the game compliments each other and it’s not tiring to the eyes.


So according to the synopsis, the heroine is an inspiring Knight and then she saw a sleeping man in the forest, she was worried so she waited for him to wake up. Only to find out that he was hard to talk to and is actually a dragonkind.(○゚ε^○)


Look at that tsuntsun (ノ∀`♥)


I don’t fancy him at first (he seems irritated and annoyed at everything) but somehow he became cuter in Chapter 2. It took him til Chapter 3 to say Thank you tho in an awkward way. Same thing when he was checking up on Ilmari because of their battle before. He also said sorry to Aura after their argument on her rejection, it made me go “aww”.
It’s funny when he get fights with animals(≧y≦*)



Oh I like him the first time I saw him haha He’s surprisingly someone with sense I thought he was just all smiles and curiousity but I guess he has some complexes. QT(☆ω☆*)


I was looking for the backlogs menu since I tend to miss a dialogue while playing but I guess this game don’t have it so I can only move forward until I discovered I can go back by using my mouse, I just have to roll the center pin.

There was this scene where Aura was rejected in the guild, it was supposed to be devastating but the chibi CG somehow ruined the feels for me. They made it comical when the BGM is all sad and forlorn  (っ´ω`)ノ(╥ω╥)


Despite how the  two men appears, they are kind of heta in the own ways, and I find that adorable (っ´▽`)っ

Aura’s a knight nerd, she fans about knighthood when someone asked her why. It was funny when she mentioned Knights slay dragons in front of Kerr HAHA And I’m kinda happy with her character because she protects the guys instead of the other way around. She’s also really good-natured, I don’t think I can wait for a stranger to wake up, or hold back to some creature, that’s trying to kill me, just because I know the creature is protecting its young. 


I’m also wondering whatever happened to Aura’s dream? Will she become a Knight? Who were those bandits with highly organized ambush were? Did they know about the cargo? Will the trading of Dragon Remains be continued? What will happen to Aura now that she had been reported to betray the guild? Will she be hunted by the Knights to make her keep quiet? Did her mom knew about it? Will the dragons do something about it?

I want to know. Will there be a sequel to this? ヽ(ヅ)ノ


This made me go AWWW (っ´▽`)っ

Autumn’s Journey is such a light-hearted game. I find myself smiling throughout. There’s no Kissing CG but I don’t mind, I love the game’s ambience, it’s fairly short and I finished it in an hour or less. The art is beautiful, music’s good too. It’s worth a try to play it! It’s also FREE. Download it in the developers site here! (ᗒᗨᗕ)

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