Anime Review: Boku no Hero Academia

Are you tired of being normal? Do you ever dream of having super powers? Wondering what you can and cannot do with this power? How about saving the world? Are you a timid person? Wanting to be accepted by the society? Someone who wants to fit in?

These are quite a few questions to which normal people could think of. Someone who wants to prove something for himself. Someone who strives for his dreams.

Meet Midoriya Izuku, also known as ‘Deku’, the norm which is also the protagonist; who aspire to be a hero in the series Boku no Hero Academia. Midoriya appears as a helpful, polite and timid boy, since he was being bullied during his childhood for being quirkless. He encountered a villain attack on his way to school, and saw his childhood friend, Bakugo Katsuki, fighting one of the villain. Deku saw Bakugo being captured by the villain and struggling to fight, having a strong sense of justice, despite being quirkless, he ran towards the scene to rescue his childhood friend. And because of this, Deku happened to catch the attention of the Number One hero, the legendary hero he admires ever since childhood, All Might. All Might, saw his past self to Deku, and decided to make Deku as his pupil and the ninth user of One for All quirk.

The series have this impact that inspires people who were struggling with their life to pursue their dreams and not give up on it despite of the contempt from the people around them. I like this series since Deku, even though he is different among everyone because quirklessness, he did not give up on his dream to be a hero. Since I am tired of the fan service of most series nowadays that showcases about pantsu and oppai, the fighting scenes in BNHA makes me feel so hyped. This series also inspires me not to give up on my dreams, and that no matter how hard life is, we still have our family and friends to support us. In addition to that, I like the opening theme song Peace Sign by Kenshi Yonezu (this song is also available on Spotify, teehee).

Overall, this anime gives me sense of justice, and persevere from the things I want to achieve.

I highly recommend this series for those who loves shounen anime, the fight scenes, animation as well as the explosions (lol, I remembered Bakugo) and emotions of the characters are well done! A must watch anime!

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