15 Bizarre Dating Sims

Yo! Video games have evolve into different and diverse types to cater different tastes of different type of gamers. Some have even jumped way too much in the level of “innovation”, despite that, doesn’t stop our gamer blood to try and test them ourselves. I mean we won’t lose nothing and we even get to […]

Cosplay Spotlight: Kay Pike – Body Painter

Kay Pike is a 3D model creator for games, a fashion designer, photo editor and model. She also live streams her painting sessions on a livestreaming site, Twitch, which allows her to interact with viewers who share similar interests. As a child you grow up idolizing your favorite comic characters, imitating and imagining how they […]

Weird Game Review: Uma no Prince-sama

UMAPRI is testing how far I can go in my Otome Gaming fandom. This will be a series of my reactions in the game. I don’t think I can give a proper review since all I did was cringe while playing ( ՞ਊ՞) I think the heroine is the only one drawn normally here.  أ‿أ I […]