Some Potato Talks about Anime: Gun x Sword

I’ve been an avid fan of old school and early 2000’s anime. One of them is Gun x Sword. I first encountered this anime last 2014 when I was looking for some anime to watch. I saw its name in the list and looked for more info about it since I don’t want regretting watching it. When I found some info, it was okay, in fact, Gun x Sword really fit my tastes in anime.  But, I didn’t bookmark in my web browser and totally forgot its name. A year later, after browsing again, I found it and I immediately watched. Whoo~ boy it was amazing! You gotta love that sexy mecha of Van, Dann of Thursday. I think I’ve watched this anime for 3 times now. You really gotta love its opening and the opening narration. It has a very interesting plot, although it has some kind of ‘Protagonist-seeks-revenge’ plot, where he seeks out for this one guy who killed his wife on the day of their wedding, it was still great because of the characters in it. Though it was categorized as a mecha anime, you’ll just feel the ‘mecha vibes’ twice or thrice. Gun x Sword pack some comedy too, where minor characters say his titles (Van the Unemployed, Van the Freeloader) as a comic relief, and some drama because of the back stories of the characters.

Let’s talk about the main characters but I will only talk about two of them. First is the main protagonist Van. This guy… I don’t know where to begin with. He’s a guy who wears a tuxedo and has a very strange habit of putting all types of condiments on what he eats. He’s also the pilot of an Armor name ‘Dann of Thursday’ or simply Dann.


At the first episode of the anime, when he saw Wendy getting shot, he was so nonchalant about it, he was even nonchalant about kicking a bandit on his balls. I don’t know if it was because she was just a stranger or he knew the fact that she’s still alive.

Wendy was shot

Anyway, at first, he doesn’t care about Wendy and sees her as ‘just some kid’ but as the series goes on, he slowly loosen up. Even if he was like that, he still saves Wendy whenever she’s in danger and kept her beside him

He could be self-centered sometimes where he ignores other people’s concern for him because of being hell bent on killing ‘The Claw’, the antagonist. One of the example was episode 6 where Wendy took her to a place that was ‘too jolly’ for him because she wanted her to relax once in a while but got angry at her when he thought going there has something to do with ‘The man with a claw’.  Hey, protagonists gotta have flaws too you know. But at the end of the day, he’s a good person. That’s why Wendy took a liking on him as the series progressed, although he forgot her name.

Second is Wendy. She’s very sweet, kind and courageous girl who asked Van that she could marry her as an exchange to protect their town at the start of the anime, and someone who owns a pink turtle named Kameo. This was one of the reason why I watched this anime, she just straight up offered to be Van’s bride.


Wendy asking Van to be his bride

She accompanied Van on his journey because they were looking for the same person, but in this case to find his missing brother (who turned out to be a very unlikable dude).  Although people thought of her as a child, it looked like to me that she’s mature for her age, sometimes more mature and rational than the adults around her.  She’s the kind of character that looked like someone that can’t fight but in fact can fight in her own way. I don’t know what they were thinking why they made her as a girl with orange pigtail and gave her the name Wendy, whenever I watch this I want to eat something from Wendy’s.

This anime really left a mark in my heart because of its plot development and also the character development. One more thing what I liked about the anime was the mecha in it or “Armor” as what they call it in the anime, the design was so amazing that everytime they show it, it gives me goosebumps. Not to mention how unique the cockpit is and how they pilot the armor.


Dann of Thursday’s cockpit

Actually, the animation reminds me of Code Geass. To be honest I watched the English dub of Gun x Sword and I say that the dubbed one is better because of how fitting was the voices and feel their personality through it than the Japanese dub, makes me remind of when Van was just screaming ‘Son of a bitch’ multiple times.  Of course, all animes have flaws in it (animation excluded). I’m still butthurt that the ending was no cliffhanger and it was the official ending and how they put all the amazing mecha fighting scenes only at the end of every episode and at the near end of the series. It also irritates me that Wendy only used the gun she always carries at the end when she can fight their enemies using it. Nevertheless, it’s a great anime that I will recommend to someone who likes Mecha anime.

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