4 Utaite who became Professional Singers

At the peak of the popularity of Vocaloid songs years ago, there are few Utaite (a person who cover songs from Vocaloid original songs, anime and game related songs, and J-Pop) who became professional singers signed under famous labels.  In addition, these Utaite turned Professional singers had sang some of the opening or ending song in some anime and video game over the years.

Here are the list of four beloved Utaite who are well known professional singers:


1. Nano (ナノ)
Cover art for Nano (Utaite)

Nano is well known for her strong and tomboyish voice and often mistaken as a guy. Nano started doing cover songs around 2010 until 2014. She can sing both in Japanese and English. Aside from Vocaloid cover songs (both in Japanese and English), she also cover some famous songs of Avril Lavigne. Nano became a professional singer around 2012 under the Music Label “Flying Dog”.  Nano sang several songs used in the anime such as: Bulls Eye (opening song of Hidan no Aria), Now or Never (opening song of Phi Brain: Puzzle of God season 2), No Pain No Game and Exists (in the anime Btoom!), Dreamcatcher (ending song of Magical Girl Raising Project) and many more.

Trivia: Nano’s face is never shown (or fully shown) when she started her debut until the time when she revealed it to everyone officially in her instagram account. She always hide it with her hoodie or her hair (as shown in Saviour of Song and Bulls Eye MV).



Vocaloid cover song: 


Latest Official MV: 



2. Alice ☆ Clara
Clara: Left, Alice: Right


Alice and Clara is an utaite duo who are popularly known in their professional name, ClariSThey started as an utaite duo from 2009 until 2010. They became professional singers in late 2010 under SME Records and under Sacra Music from 2017 onwards. Unlike the other singers, the duo are both in Junior High school when they debuted. In order for them to focus more on their studies and for identity protection, their face was also hidden in curtains during performance or masks in recent concerts. Alice from the original duo ClariS left the unit around 2014 and replaced by Karen, a fellow classmate of Clara in a music class. The duo sang several songs in anime like the following:  Irony and Reunion from Oreimo, Connect and Luminous from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Click and Step from Nisekoi, among others.


First Vocaloid Cover song: 



Connect video from Live concert (because I can’t find any MV of them before Alice left): 



3. MARiA 



Maria, who is now part of the duo GARNiDELiA (with Abe Yoshinoli aka TokuP, a former vocaloid producer/composer) had already debuted thrice before. She was first debuted in a unit named New man Co.,Ltd. at 11 years old. After the sudden disbandment of the unit, Maria debuted as the youngest member of the group Harajuku BJ girls (later they changed the name to Chix Chicks) until 2010. After the group disbandment, Maria pursued a solo career under “Mizuhashi Mai” and later debuted on 2014  with TokuP as GARNiDELiA. As an utaite, she started with the cover song of ARiA by TokuP. Aside from singing, she is also a songwriter and a great dancer, collaborating with Miume and Kamen Liar 247.  GARNiDELiA is known for the following songs: Ambiguous (second opening song of Kill la Kill), Daze (opening song of Mekaku City Actors), Grilleto (second opening of Mahouka Kouko no Rettosei), Ai Kotoba (opening song of Animegataris), among others.


First Vocaloid cover song:


Latest MV (as GARNiDELiA):



4. ShounenT 


Cover art from the Vocaloid cover song, Hoshi no Uta. Right:                                        ShounenT. Left: Rumdarjun


ShounenT or known professionally as Tomohisa Sako, is one of the utaite who is famous mostly for his accoustic cover arrangement of some Vocaloid songs. Unlike some of the utaite who turned professional singer, Sako Tomohisa still upload cover songs from time to time in his Nico Nico Douga account (Japan’s version of Youtube). He was welll known for his piano cover of Ai Kotoba by Deco*27, which is also the title of his first single cd. He sang the following songs used in an anime: Zutto (opening of Kimi to Boku 2), Bokutachi no uta (second ending of Zetsuen no Tempest), Colorful World (ending song of Meganebu), Getter Ban Ban (opening of Pokemon XY) and Floria (sixth opening of the Natsume’s Book of Friends).


Vocaloid Cover song: 

Latest Official MV:


These are few of the utaite turned professonal singers. Want to know more about J-music in general? or recommended Vocaloid songs? Let us know in the comments!


Disclaimer: Some of the info and picture references came from the Utaite Wikia: http://utaite.wikia.com/.

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