15 Bizarre Dating Sims

Yo! Video games have evolve into different and diverse types to cater different tastes of different type of gamers. Some have even jumped way too much in the level of “innovation”, despite that, doesn’t stop our gamer blood to try and test them ourselves.

I mean we won’t lose nothing and we even get to experience something very different than what we usually play!

Personally, I like playing dating sims during my free time and of course, I always look for something new and something novel. Well, this type of novelty is not what I expected but hey it might be your cup of tea!


15. Grand Old Academy

Have you ever wanted to date presidential candidates? Now you can, with Grand Old Academy, a comedic visual novel!

Date one, date all of the 2017 US Candidates, even Donald Trump is there, and he is (literally) running around the campus.


14. Namco High

Playing as the Cousin to the Prince from the Katamari series, the player was able to date other Namco Bandai characters.

Do you like a character from your favorite Namco franchise? Well, here’s your chance to date some of them!


13. The Bacon Lettuce Biographies

A school-based boys’ love fairy tale adventure.

You like meat so much you wanna date them.

And don’t listen to the description, it’s misleading.


12. Love! Sushi Rangers!

Our protagonist’s father is a pro sushi chef.
In the beginning, a travel agency chose the dad for their planned “High-Class Sushi Cruising” and then all of a sudden he was taken overseas.

That night… our protagonist awoke to a strange voice and saw an unbelievable light. Suddenly 6 youths appeared in the sushi kitchen, looking like people who’ve been seen somewhere before…

In order to help the protagonist, they changed into humans out of being… Sushi toppings!

Thus we raise our curtain on the strange life of a girl and six people(?).
Can they help our protagonist hold on to the sushi shop?
And what will become of her relationship with them……?! 

If you are not satisfied with the meat, you might wanna try with the rice as well. You get to date sushi turning human, who will actually assist you in operating a sushi store. Sounds like cannibalism–

Surprisingly, I’ll tell you, it’s kind of popular in the otome gaming community. The girls loved it.


11. Nicolas Cage

Weirdly enough this guy has an otome game.


10. John Cena

Well, if you can’t satisfy yourself with Nicolas, you might wanna try this one too. It’s so creative, everything is done in MS Paint.


9. My Girlfriend is an Alpaca

One day when I woke up, my girlfriend had turned into an alpaca!!

The main character, Saeki Kazuma, had a wonderful school life surrounded by many friends and his girlfriend. 

One day at this time, in the bus on the way back from “Alpaca Kingdom” with his girlfriend, Izumi Yukari,
he just woke up and found that there was some lovely thing next to him…

You just have to date any type of creature you find when you take a walk outside. And think, what will happen if I date this creature, probably it sounds nice to make a game out of it and viola, this game is produced.


8. Creature to Koi Shiyo! Kokonoe Kokoro

What does it mean to fall in love with someone?
A romantic dating simulator focusing on what’s inside a monster girl’s heart.

Wanna make-out with a human-size grasshopper? Me, nope. But yeah, such game exists and maybe you’d dig on that.

And btw, it has a version for girls:

Now’s your chance maidens haha


7.  Tomak – Save The Earth Love Story

A Korean developed raising simulation mixed with a dating game where the player takes care of the goddess of love, who is a human head in a flower pot.

Dreaming of dating a goddess in your lifetime and be a hero saving the world? Worry no more! That is if you don’t mind dating a head.


6. Army of Tentacles: (NOT) A Cthulhu Dating Sim

At long last, the works of H.P. Lovecraft meet the medium of RPG in a spectacle of light and sound befitting an old western. Only this is set in New England. Meet interesting people! See astounding wonders! Enslave humanity! Go on one date side quest in a game subtitled a dating simulator!

Do you enjoy Lovecraft? Never in your wildest dreams you can ever expect to actually see a published game on steam based on Cthulhu!


5. Love! Brother-kun

A short game about love… and Brother brand printers.

Fall in love with a printer.

When you though it’s another one of those incest-oniichan-imouto games, it’s actually “Brother” a company which sells printers.


4. Gakuen Handsome

The protagonist is an unnamed seventeen year old boy who transfers back to the city after a seven year absence, and enrolls in a prestigious all boys school which takes pride in being the best among its prefecture. Changes are going to be made in his life, surrounded by faces both new and old.

Did you know that this game is a BL game?! No? Yeah it’s a BL game. And do you know it even has its own anime? No? Well, now you know.


3. Jurassic Heart

Your classmate Taira, who just happens to be a Tyrannosaurs Rex, dropped and broke his ukulele at a performance you encouraged him to give. You’ve decided to invite him to the music store to pick out a new one at your expense. Things turned awkward at the music store. Taira insisted that I let him pay for the ukulele, but I stood firm: after all, I wanted to support him in his musical journey. Taira didn’t see it that way. 

Indeed, dating a T-rex who can play an ukelele is something that you shouldn’t miss. You cannot even imagine how a high school girl get hooked up with a T-rex. Did you? We sure didn’t.


2. Uma no Prince-sama

You finally reached this part and you thought nothing can ever surprise you now. Truly, the world has evolve into the most interesting era where you have to expect the unexpected. Especially, when people start making games of dating horses who has a handsome human head.

We had an article about this game before: CLICK HERE!


1. Hatoful Boyfriend

Welcome to St. PigeoNation’s Institute, the most splendid and greatest academy of the pigeon, by the pigeon and for the pigeon.

At first, you felt anxious entering a classroom filled with pigeons’ eyes peering up at you, but as you enter your second year of high school, you’re getting used to your school life and enjoying the peaceful days… right?

Soon, you start to feel emotions you’ve never experienced before… Emotions that could even be called… love? The unexpected softness of a pigeon’s rhinophyma…

This is a heartwarming love story.

Finally, we have reached the first one. I know there are weirder games than this one. The only reason why it is in the first place is because it’s one of my favorite otome games.

And I’m not even joking.

It is a story of human-size birds and a macho girl named Hiyoko. Though, it’s really weird to date talking birds, but trust me you’re gonna love it. It has an actual story line. And by the way, this game has more installment than this one so make sure to play the Christmas spin-off too!


Have you tried some of of the games in our list? Let us know what you think in the comment section!


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